2016 ISA SUP Instructor Courses | 105年丙級暨乙級(立)式划槳衝浪教練課

2016 ISA SUP Instructor Courses | 105年丙級暨乙級(立)式划槳衝浪教練課

2016 ISA SUP Instructor Courses | 105年丙級暨乙級(立)式划槳衝浪教練課



  • 取得SUP教練證照、獲得由ISA國際衝浪組織頒發的SUP指導員認證
  • 加強修正自己的SUP動作與觀念
  • 接受國際衝浪協會教練親自授課


凡年滿 18 歲以上,高中以上學校畢業(含同等學歷),均可報名參加。
參加講習者,依上課出席並通過測驗及完成 20 小時實習者,
將可獲得「中華民國衝浪運動協會」頒發《丙級教練證或《乙級教練證》,和 ISA 國際衝浪組織頒發的《ISA SUP指導員認證》!

1. 課程資訊及上課地點 Course Schedule and Location 

SUP Instructor (立)式划槳教練課

New Taipei City Fulong Elementary School/ Fulong Beach 新北市福隆國小/ 福隆海灘

  • 7/02-7/03 (Weekend週末兩日) Flatwater SUP Instructor 丙級平靜水域(立)式划槳教練課
  • 7/04 (Weekday平日一日) Surf SUP Instructor 乙級衝浪(立)式划槳教練課 (報名者必須具備丙級教練Flatwater SUP Instructor資格。 Anyone doing Surf SUP must already hold their Flatwater SUP Instructor qualification)


To register for the course, select the course you would like to take and sign up with needed information, and then make the payment online by credit card. On the first day of your course, please submit 2 two-inch license photos, a copy of your valid Open Water Lifesaving certification, as well as a copy of your passport ID page for the ISA registration. All the ISA instructor certifications will only be accredited with full participation of courses along with 20 hours of practical training assignment under valid Surf Lifesaving qualification.  

Note: The valid Open Water Lifesaving certification could be submitted later within 12 months after the course is taken.     

2. 報名費用 Fee and Tuition 

  • 7/02-7/03 (2 days) Flatwater SUP Instructor丙級平靜水域(立)式划槳教練課: NTD 14,500
  • 7/04 (1 day) Surf SUP Instructor乙級衝浪(立)式划槳教練課 : NTD 11,000

費用包含:行政處理費、保險費、ISA 證照費、午餐、教材

Administration fee, insurance, ISA registration fee, lunch and course material are included in above package charge, however, local transportation and accommodation arrangement are not included. 

3. 關於ISA  About ISA(International Surfing Association,http://www.isasurf.org

ISA 管轄並推動世界上幾乎所有浪乘運動, 包括衝浪、立槳、 划水板、長板、趴板、 膝板、雙人衝浪、沙板 ISA 等發展工作。
ISA 國際衝浪協會的衝浪課程, 早已被世界認可是個國際性的課程。中華民國衝浪運動協會(CTSA)特別引進 ISA 國際衝浪指導教練授權課程。課程不只走向國際標準化,每年並由 ISA 指派澳洲籍教練 Jamo Borthwick 來台授課取得證照資格。

4. 授課講師 Course Lecturer 

Jamo Borthwick


  • Level 2 Surfing Australia Surf Instructor
  • Level 2 Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Surf (Board Paddling) Coach
  • Level 2 SLSA Surf (Ski) Coach
  • Level 2 SLSA Surf (Boaties) Coach
  • Level 3 Rowing Australia Rowing Coach
  • Level 1 SLSA Surf (Boardriding) Coach
  • Level 1 SLSA Surf (Beach) Coach
  • Level 1 Australian Track and Field Association Track and Field Coach
  • Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training – Fitness
  • Level 2 Coaching Principles
  • Level 2 APSI Ski Instructor (Snow)
  • Level 1 Australian Rugby Rugby Union Coach
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training – SLSA
  • Training Officers Certificate
  • SLSA Training Officer Surf Rescue
  • SLSA Training Officer Bronze Medallion
  • SLSA Training Officer Resuscitation
  • SLSA Assessor Bronze Medallion
  • SLSA Assessor Resuscitation
  • SLSA Training Officer for First Aid and Defibrillation (final stages of completion)
  • SLSA Assessor for First Aid and Defibrillation (nearly completed)
  • SLSA Facilitator
  • Train Small Groups